PDF screenshots released

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We just released a new feature that has been on development for some time: PDF screenshots.

This is a transparent process for everybody using PagePeeker, both free and paid accounts. Our robot will understand that the URL contains a PDF document and will do a screenshot of the first page. Depending on the page aspect ratio it might look a bit distorted, but it will help understand what the PDF document is about.

Please test it out and let me know in the comments how you like it.

Faster rendering for the demo site

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Starting today, we are making our fastest rendering speed available for our demo page.

Why did we decide to do that? So it’s easier for you to see how fast we can generate thumbnails from web pages. This has been available for a long time for our premium customers, and we have decided to make it available on our demo page for everybody to see how fast we are.

Here are a few notes about the faster version:

  • Should work well for most of the sites
  • Flash sites will almost never render properly. That’s because we don’t allow enough time for the flash movie to load and initialize. Our normal rendering method is slower on purpose so it allows time for it
  • This is available as a demo only and can be made available for paying customers

We have not yet decided whether to make this faster version available for the free accounts too. We’re thinking it would be a good addition for our “free unbranded” package, bout would like to get your opinion as well.

Please write a comment if you want this for the free version.

New services in closed beta: HTML to PDF and PDF screenshots

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We have implemented two new services and are currently looking for early adopters to help us beta test these. Later, we are going to launch them in open beta so they will be available to all customers.

Both services are available for premium accounts only, and will be made available free of charge for the beta testing period.

The first service offers the ability to screenshot PDF documents. This works both for above the fold screenshots and full length screenshots. A word of caution for the full length screenshots. We are going to limit this to the first 5000 pixels of the document, as larger documents can result in undesirably large images.

The second service is allowing the saving of the web pages as PDF documents. This should preserve the aspect of the site without resorting to capturing an image from it. This way, if copy / paste is required later, it will be available from the PDF document.

If you are interested in testing any of the above services, please get in touch with me via the contact page. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

Anouncing the TwitSplash site launch (changed to intotweets.com)

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We are proud to announce the launch of the TwitSplash.com site. This is a spinoff from our company and it focuses on adding a visual aspect to the twitter reading.

The site provides 3 kinds of enhancements to the twitter twits:

  1. Inline images. It shows the images embedded in the twits, with large previews
  2. Inline videos. The videos (from YouTube for now) are embedded inline, with a an easy one click viewing.
  3. Webpage previews. Shows thumbnails of the links embedded in the tweets, if they are not images or movies.

Obviously, the PagePeeker technology is used for rendering (very fast) the webpage previews. Without our ability to render website thumbnails so fast, it would have been impossible for twitsplash to even exist.

Please check out the site and let me know how you like it.

Update: We renamed the site to intotweets.com and are in the process of updating the design to reflect the new brand.