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We’ve been working on a new product this year and we didn’t have the chance to properly announce it yet. It started from our need to keep PagePeeker’s generated screenshots small. This was equally important for us and for our clients, and for delivering the screenshots in the most efficient manner. This idea grew bigger and so we created ShortPixel to help websites load faster, by shrinking their images’ size.

ShortPixel is an image optimization tool that uses our server infrastructure to process large volumes of files. The service evolved and besides an API, it can be used directly via a WordPress plugin. If you have a WordPress website with a large number of images ShortPixel plugin is for sure the best way to bulk optimize your past image gallery, as well as automatically compress new images added to the site.

About 2/3 of a website’s overall weight comes from its images. Large images means more data, and if more data has to be transferred and downloaded, the longer it will take. This makes the issue of image compression critical in the battle for traffic, users and conversions.


Why does speed matter?

In my opinion, the most important reason is that load speed influences the way your visitors perceive your site and your brand. Longer times often result in users leaving your website never to return again. And if you are running a paid advertising campaign, you can say goodbye to all those clicks coming your way. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will leave. Consecutively, this means less page views for showcasing your work.

In most cases, websites represent the official digital voice of a brand, along other ways of communicating (social media, advertising). If the website is not loading fast enough, the perceived value of the brand may be compromised.

The second reason for having a fast website is that speed influences ranking in search engines. Speed adds up to the search algorithms and influences the position of your website on Google when users search for significant keywords.


Try ShortPixel for free

You can check how ShortPixel performs and test it for free without any sign up needed. Just paste a website URL and you will see how much space could be saved.

If your website is running on WordPress, the ShortPixel image optimizer plugin is free to download and free to use for 100 images per month. You’ll have to sign up to activate the plugin, but the on boarding is easy.

Let us know how ShortPixel works for you in the comments!


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