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Yes, it looks like a stereotype. The first post in a blog usually says the blog launched. Same here, but I wanted to give you a bit of background on why I thought it’s important to lauch a blog.

Here’s why:

  • At PagePeeker, we develop out technology at a breakneck rate. From outside our office, this is not always visible, especially because we spend a lot of time working on the technology underlying the platform. So a blog will allow us to communicate better on what we do to improve our tech and in turn provide you with a better experience.
  • Sometimes we launch new features. If they are important, we email about them. If not, or if you are not subscribed to our mailing list, there’s no other way to find out about them. A blog will provide us with a public space to share these updates with everyone.
  • At exceptionally rare intervals, we make important announcements that affect many of our customers. When this happens, we will post them here on the blog and only link from the site main page. This will help keep our front page clean, while also allowing us to say what it is to be said in greater detail.
  • Last, but not least, this will provide an open forum for our customers to leave comments and let us know how we did. We will, of course, moderate the comments, but will welcome and respond both to positive and negative feedback.
  • Showcase our technology and some of the more challenging sites we can capture

Hope you enjoy reading.

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