Redundant infrastructure, other updates

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Since last writing on the blog, there have been a number of important updates I would like to share with you.

Fully redundant infrastructure

We have changed out infrastructure to be 100% redundant. From the redundant load blanacers in front of the servers, to redundant frontend servers, to redundant screenshot capturing servers, everything is now failure safe. This way, we made sure our infrastructure has no single point of failure.

The only non redundant thing remaining is the hosting provider. We have all our servers hosted with the same provider, though in different datacenters. In the unlikely event the provider goes down, so will we.

More screenshot capturing servers

We have more than doubled our screenshot generating capacity, to keep us with the increased demand. This also allows for a lot more room to grow, and includes enough capacity to handle spikes in traffic. Even if we get a spike 10 times the normal size, we will be able to render all screenshots in a timely manner.

More features for premium customers

We have added a number of features available to premium customers:

  • Callbacks when the screenshot has been generated. This allows you to pass in a URL that will be called when the screenshot has been generated
  • Custom headers. This lets you configure what headers to send along with the requests. Handy for custom authentication schemes as well.

If you are interested in using any of the above features, do get in touch and we’ll have your accounts configured to use them.

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